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Ola fellow trend-and-style-lovers.

Ola fellow trend-and-style-lovers.

10:06 26 October in News

Fashion, décor, cell phone covers and setting the dinner table – all of these are elements of everyday-life. But more than that, they are formidable tools through which to express your style and personality, and an opportunity to do it voguishly.  We’ve heard it said: “your style is expressing who you are without saying a word,” so go on ahead and express away friend! Here are our trend-tips must-do’s:

1. Adorn with floral to ensure a smile-inducing effect: from wearing a cute blossom crop-top, to upholstering your favourite chair in a flower-pattern, do it bloomingly. We recently covered coffee tables with floral wallpaper at a corporate event in Johannesburg – and as it turns out: smiles all around.

2. Coop(p)er-ate with copper. Give a shout to our metallic hero of the season: copper. This rose-orangey, golden element is a must in your home, wedding and event. Check out the images below for inspiration.

3. “You stay classy San Diego.” There’s a good reason why fine china, crystal and classic whites still abound – it’s just so pretty-darn classy. We love a timeless, classic look and that it has an innate capacity to always look fresh and new without having to reinvent the wheel.


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